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Company Services

To provide industry-leading solutions at reasonable prices, a team of experienced professionals who understand how to make the most of every tool available is required. Haratek Solutions provides precisely that.

Application Services

To remain competitive, you must not only successfully plan, build, and run IT application projects, but you must also optimize applications for performance and critical business intelligence. We assist you in achieving ROI while minimizing risk by providing data services and data cleansing, custom software development, applications management, QA and testing, and applications consulting solutions.

Infrastructure Services

End-user issues must be addressed and resolved as soon as possible in order to boost business productivity. Furthermore, in order to keep business operations moving forward, new technologies must be deployed effectively and efficiently. Our customized IT support solutions provide the technical expertise and management oversight needed to ensure that your IT initiatives are completed on time, within budget, and to the highest quality standards

Healthcare IT

Haratek Solutions' journey began with technology services. With rapidly changing technology and innovation having a significant impact on modern healthcare today, there are thousands of opportunities available across the United States. Contact us today to learn more about all of the exciting IT career opportunities that are available to you!

Software Development

Companies that want to stay ahead of their competitors recognize the critical importance of using software to automate business processes. Companies today face the challenge of developing new applications or revising existing ones to gain a competitive advantage while balancing tightening development budgets and shrinking cycle times.

IT Outsourcing

Haratek Solutions is a good option for clients who want to save money while still having access to professional, technical services in-house. Haratek Solutions collaborates with clients to determine the best method for maximizing cost savings and technical coverage, allowing clients to focus on their core business functions. Haratek Solutions can take on full technical responsibility for a client's IT divisions or specific technical tasks.